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Administrative and Regulatory Law

Transport (Maritime and Land)
Public Consultations
Regulatory Impact Analysis
Water and Sanitation

Specific regulatory issues regarding food, tobacco, beverages, telecommunications, energy (gas, oil and electricity), transport (maritime and land), fertilizers, water and sanitation, labelling and pharmaceuticals, require expertise in the regulated area combined with legal and economic knowledge of the competitive dynamics, corporate policies and consumption relations the respective markets.

The synergy of Antitrust Law, Consumer Law and International Trade allows our firm to offer clients a complete service in regulated sectors.

Litigation: We represent clients in administrative proceedings in regulatory bodies, lawsuits involving disputes  between regulated companies and consumers, judicial measures to challenge administrative penalties applied by regulatory agencies, judicial measures to challenge violation of due process by agencies in Public Consultations or in editing new regulation. We represent clients as parts or as amicus curiae before the Supreme Courts in measures regarding violation of the Constitution.

Consulting: We advise companies in negotiations before regulatory bodies to determine rules for each market, drafting of contracts in compliance with regulatory obligations, and preventive legal services in corporate law and contractual law so what businesses can comply with market regulations. 

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