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Consumer Law

Food Law
Advertising Campaigns
Sales Promotion
Unfair Competition
Data Protection and Privacy
Product Liability
Class Actions and Laws-suits

Addressing legal issues in consumer law requires expertise in analyzing corporate policies, advertising campaigns and contracts.  It also requires an extensive experience in litigation.

We are one of the most well-prepared firms in Brazil in this area of expertise, as such we represent large companies in complex administrative and judicial proceedings involving advertising campaigns, sales promotion, labeling, e-commerce, unfair competition and data protection. We also advise class entities and companies in regulatory issues related to consumer law. We represent clients in important recalls in several markets, having assisted companies in the main food recalls in the country. We represent clients in leading cases and class actions on hot topics such as duty to inform, labelling, advertising to children, allergens and genetically modified foods.

Litigation:  Administrative and civil proceedings resulting from violation of the Consumer Protection Code and issues related to consumer and regulatory law; We have also assisted clients before the Brazilian self-regulatory body for advertisement (CONAR) and countless issues before PROCONs, Public Prosecutor's Office, SENACON/DPDC, ANVISA, MAPA and other consumer or regulatory bodies. We represent clients, both as parts and as amicus curiae, before the Supreme Courts in measures regarding violation of the Constitution.

Consulting: Preventive legal services to advise clients corporate policies, sales promotion, and advertising campaigns. We represent clients in complex debates regarding regulatory standards, mainly in labelling, child advertising and food safety issues. We advise civil associations and companies in Public Consultations and Regulatory Impact Analyseis in many segments.

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